5 Piece Daybed Set
Do you know the secret to an eye pleasing bed? 

Look at the floor.  You'll notice that the best eye pleasing beds are always outfitted with a coordinating bed skirt, giving the room a look of completion and elegance.

At The Trendy Bed we have a full line of bed skirts, comforters to mix and match with our selected styles of bedding. 

Check out our rugged but soft denim comforters, our romantic Quilts by Taylor Linens, or our tendy new Chintz Duvet Covers, and what about that sensual silky satin sheet set.

We have designer bedding, Egyptian cotton sheet sets, duvet covers, and coverlets, all for your shopping experience.

The Trendy Bed is ever growing, check out our Bedspreads by Maine Heritage Weavers, King Charles by the Historic Charleston Collection, and more.

Thank you for visiting "The Trendy Bed", the one place for all your Trendy Bedding!

Cathy @ The Trendy Bed

Satin Comforters
Trendy Bedspreads
8 Piece Cotton Bed in A Bag
Cotton Blend Comforters
Quilts by Taylor Linens